Printing on Campus


All Montco students receive a $20 credit per semester for printing. This credit is non-transferrable, and any unused balance will not carry over to the next semester.

8.5 x 11" B & W single side $0.10/page
8.5 x 11" B & W double side $0.07/ page ($0.14 / sheet)
8.5 x 11" Color $0.35 / page
8.5 x 11" Color double side $0.32/page ($0.64 / sheet)


Printing from personal devices

  • You are unable to print to classroom printers from personal devices.
  • Start Printing - Use this link for all the options to print from your device. Once you click the link, select the “Continue with uniFLOW” button, and then follow the login procedure using your student email address.
  • – Send an email from your student account to this email with the document you would like to print attached. Wait for the email that states that your Email job processing finished before releasing your print job.

  • To release your print job after it has been sent to the print queue, type your 7 digit ID number on the printer touch screen. After that select Secure Print. Select Release All to print all of your print jobs.

  • Please download the uniFLOW Online mobile app from the app store for the best experience on a mobile device:
    Google Play Store
    Apple App Store

Accessing the Printing Dashboard

  • The printing Dashboard is used to view your printing fund balance, add funds to your account, and view the print jobs that are currently in your print queue. ·
  • Printing Dashboard - Once you click this link, select the “Continue with uniFLOW” button, and then follow the login procedure using your student email address.
  • Note that you may need to add a widget to your Printing Dashboard the first time. To do this you click on the “Add widget” button at the top of the Dashboard page. Below is a list of common widgets that are used.
    • My queue – This widget is used to view and delete the print jobs in your print queue.
    • My Budget – This widget shows your print account balance and allows you to add funds to your print account via Paypal. Note that you can use this method to pay with a credit card without signing up for a Paypal account.

Where are printers located?

  • Advanced Technology Center - First floor
  • Parkhouse Atrium - First floor
  • South Hall  - Second floor
  • North Hall Gallery - Second floor
  • Health Sciences Center - Room 1904
  • College Hall Library 
  • Science Center - Room 220