Information regarding a variety of immunizations, background checks, certifications, forms, and training that you may need to complete for the Nursing Program's compliance requirements.

Clinical Requirements

Students are required to open and maintain a CastleBranch account when directed to meet all initial clinical requirements (approx. $120) renew account annually (approx. $85).

Background Checks
  • Child Abuse History Clearance – Step-by-step instructions for completing State Child Abuse History Clearance Applications will be included in your CastleBranch profile. Once results are received, you must upload a copy of this result to your CastleBranch profile for processing.
  • FBI Clearance (Fingerprinting) – Step-by-step instructions for completing fingerprinting will be included in your CastleBranch profile. The results of the fingerprints will be mailed to you. Once results are received, you must upload a copy of your results to your CastleBranch profile for processing.
  • PA Criminal Record Check annually (approx. $75.) – When creating your CastleBranch profile you will be prompted to enter identifying information so that a State Criminal Background Check can be completed. The results of the background check will be sent directly to CastleBranch for processing.

Note: A Child Abuse History, Criminal Record and/or an FBI Record may exclude you from participation in the clinical component of the Nursing Program, or from taking the NCLEX exam as regulated by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing. Students with a positive criminal background are required to meet with the Director of the Nursing Program prior to starting the clinical component of the program, students may also need to obtain documentation from the State Board of Nursing that they are eligible for licensure.

Health History and Immunizations
  • All students must submit annual documentation of the following requirements to be eligible to attend clinical:
    • Physical Examination form and Immunization Record-completed by healthcare provider
    • Health History/Emergency Contact Sheet.
    • Results of Tuberculosis Exposure Screening or chest x-ray or symptom screening.
    • A statement regarding ability to undertake the specified Health Career Program. A statement of limited cognitive/mental or physical activity must be followed by a detailed description.
    • Urine drug screening with accompanying laboratory report. 10-Panel Drug Test Within 24-48 hours of creating your CastleBranch profile, an electronic Chain of Custody form (echain) will be placed directly into your profile. The echain will explain where you need to go to complete your drug test. The results of the drug test will be sent directly to CastleBranch for processing.
      Montgomery County Community College recognizes that medical marijuana is legal in the state of Pennsylvania and others. However, marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule 1 drug under federal law. As a result, any positive test for this drug will not be overturned by third party testing medical review officers, even if a medical marijuana card is presented.
    • Selected immunizations. Student must have begun the
      • Hepatitis B series of injections and provide date of inoculation(s) or a signed Declination Statement waiver.
      • Influenza Vaccination Documentation
    • COVID-19 vaccination – The Nursing Program does not require students be vaccinated against COVID-19. However, most clinical facilities are requiring the initial vaccine series as well as the booster.
      Please Note: Students should know that any vaccine exemption may impact their progression in the program as the vaccine may be required by clinical/practicum sites. Some of these steps may take time to complete, such as the Hepatitis B and COVID vaccine series, which can take up to seven months if the individual has not started this series. Please plan accordingly.
Guidelines for Success

When requested, initiate the CastleBranch profile and begin to upload your completed documents and training completion certificates. A video tutorial on how to create your CastleBranch profile is available. If there is a rejection on your CastleBranch profile, please log in to your account and view the specific instructions to assist you with how to correct the rejection.

If you have any specific questions, please reach out to CastleBranch first.

Ask questions early and often if you find you are having a problem. Your questions will be answered in a timely manner - within 24 business hours during the week and 48 hours over the weekend.

Students are responsible for keeping track of their compliance records and ensuring all information is up to date and correct. Updated documents must be submitted in a timely manner before they expire. If any item is expired, it may impact the student's ability to continue with the clinical component of their program.