In order to be eligible for financial aid funds, you must begin attendance in all of your classes. After the first two weeks of the semester, if you have not attended class your professors will report you as a "No Show," and you will be notified by mail. Being reported as a “No Show” will cause you to lose your eligibility for financial aid unless you can provide attendance confirmation from all professors teaching the courses for which you are reported as a “No Show”. It is your responsibility to request attendance confirmation from all of your professors and email it to the Office of Financial Aid at


Financial aid does not pay for audit classes. If an audit class changes your enrollment status, your financial aid will be recalculated and returned. If charges are incurred, you will be responsible for paying them.


After passing a course ("D" grade or better), a student is allowed to repeat the same course and receive federal financial aid until a "D" grade or better is earned for the same class when repeated. Course failures and withdrawals do not count toward the repeated course limit for federal student aid eligibility purposes, provided satisfactory academic progress requirements have been met. Once a “D” grade or better has been earned for the repeated attempt, the same class cannot be factored into federal financial aid enrollment eligibility in the future, even it is required to meet academic program requirements. This rule applies whether or not a student received federal financial aid in earlier enrollments of the course.