Answers to the most frequently asked questions for testing and assessment.

Placement assessment for new students is not required at this current time. Instead, temporary measures have been made for student placement assessments. With these new measures in place, you will need to consult with an advisor regarding placement and registration for your courses. If you have any further questions, contact the Testing Center at

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What documents do I need to submit?

Please provide copies of your official or unofficial high school transcripts for assessment. If you do not have access to a high school transcript, you may submit your last four years’ worth of report cards and/or SAT/ACT score. You may qualify for an exemption.

Where do I submit my documents?

You can submit your documents online. You can also upload photos for documentation proof.

The current school I attend is closed. What if I cannot get documents to submit?

Due to mandated state regulations and statewide K-12 school closures, if you are unable to obtain a copy of your school transcripts or official documents, please move forward with the application process as we are happy to support all students during this time.

After I submit my transcripts, what do I do?

Prior to scheduling an advisor appointment, log in to your Montco Connect account and complete your MyCareerPlan. To make your advisor appointment, contact the advising team at

What if I need to re-take the placement assessment?

Contact your advisor for a consultation meeting.