Introducing Montco Connect, the College's new communications platform!

Montco Connect is where you will receive College communications, can participate and join groups, and more! In addition, you will find easy access to systems such as Blackboard, Self-Service and Montco email. Get familiar with Connect with our Quick Start Guide.

New students: quick start guide (PDF).

Applied students: quick start guide  (PDF).

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about your user account.

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Why is MyMC3 changing?

Due to age and limited functionality of the current system, MCCC looked into another service provider who could create a custom and dynamic communications platform with abilities to serve as a main hub to systems used frequently by students and employees.

Montco Connect will provide a centralized location for students to receive communications from across the College, improve digital engagement opportunities, include a mobile experience and app, be flexible to address future needs as they surface and more.

What is Montco Connect?

Montco Connect is a communications platform that includes a companion mobile app. In addition to providing links to other systems important to students, faculty and staff (e.g., Blackboard or email), Montco Connect provides access to online group engagement, personalized tasks and messaging, a calendar, an academic profile, and more.

When does Montco Connect become the official platform for students and employees?

On Monday, July 6, Montco Connect will become the primary communications platform (account) for students and employees, replacing MyMC3. On this day, when you log in, you will be directed to Montco Connect.

How do I log in to Montco Connect?

You will continue to log in to the system using your Montco username and password.

Will I be able to access Blackboard, email and other services from Montco Connect?

Yes. From the navigation on the left-hand side, there is a section labeled “Tools.” Here you will find a “Quick Links” section, with direct access to popular systems such as Blackboard, email, Office365 and more.

Do I need to download the Montco Connect app?

While the app is not required, we highly recommend downloading the free version to your phone or tablet. The app is identical to the web version, and allows you to use your phone camera or set audible reminders. Download the app in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

I can’t find something in Montco Connect.

Try utilizing the “Search” feature at the very top of the screen. This feature can be used to find anything in Montco Connect. For example, if you're searching for transcripts, type "transcript" to find all associated content.

What if I don’t like something in Montco Connect?

Your feedback is very important and helps us to continually improve the site. To submit feedback, navigate to "Tools" / "Feedback", which is found on the left-hand side in the navigation.

Is MyMC3 going away?

Not immediately. We will notify all students and employees prior to the removal of MyMC3. In the meantime, you can find MyMC3 access under "Tools." If you are looking for an item within Montco Connect that is available on MyMC3, please submit your request through the Montco Connect feedback form.

I'd like to learn more about how-to use Montco Connect.

We've created how-to videos to help users explore the system. From the left-hand side navigation you will find a “Pages” feature at the bottom. Under this section you will find a “Montco Connect Getting Started” page.