Maintain Academic Integrity in Your Work While Using AI!

Examine the responsible and conscientious application of AI technologies. Learn more about and delve into the principles, guidelines, and best practices for using AI. Navigate the complex landscape of AI with integrity and purpose!

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Ethical Use of Generative AI Guidelines (PDF)

This is a guide on ethical use of generative AI tools for your assignments. As a MontCo student, it is essential to maintain academic integrity and uphold ethical standards in your work. This guide will help you navigate the responsible use of AI technology in your academic endeavors.

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This Libguide provides a starting place for MCCC faculty, staff, and students to learn about generative A.I. and how to use it responsibly. Libguides are a web-based platform designed to create and share research guides, course guides, and instructional materials. Created by Amanda Leftwich.

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LinkedIn Learning AI Resources

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The New York Times: A.I.'s Ease at Spinning Deception Raises Alarm

GORDON CROVITZ, a co-chief executive of NewsGuard, a company that tracks online misinformation that conducted an experiment using ChatGPT to produce clean, convincing text that repeated conspiracy theories and misleading narratives.

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Washington Post: What is ChatGPT?

A curious person's guide to artificial intelligence. Everything you need to know about chatbot from OpenAI.

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The Generative AI tracker, provided by ITHAKA, lists generative AI products that are either marketed specifically towards postsecondary faculty or students or appear to be actively in use by postsecondary faculty or students for teaching, learning, or research activities. ITHAKA regularly updates the Tracker as new information appears about new AI tools or upgrades to established ones. ITHAKA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the academic community by providing access to reliable digital resources and preserving scholarly content for future generations.