A partner in growth

Montco plays a major role as one of the leading engines of economic growth for Montgomery County and the region.

On a countywide and regional basis, for every $1 invested in Montco:

  • Students gain $4.70 in lifetime earnings, an average rate of return of 18.7%
  • Taxpayers gain $2.30 in added tax revenue and public sector savings, an average rate of return of 5.5%
  • Society gains $9.30 in added income and social savings

Furthermore, Montco benefits the region by:

  • Adding $817.1 million in total income in 2021-22
  • Supporting 9,139 total jobs

We are YOUR community college and partner in growth. We welcome your support and participation in our education and community-based programs.

*Information is from an economic impact study by Lightcast (formerly Emsi and Burning Glass Technologies) for MCCC FY2021-22.