Table of Contents

Mission, Vision, and Goals

1.1 Mission, Vision, and Goals
1.2 Statement of Values
1.3 Policy Development
1.3.1 Policies and Procedures Guide (DOC)
1.3.2 Policy Review Form (DOC)

Board Operations

2.1 Board Duties and Responsibilities
2.2 Board of Trustees By-Laws
2.3 Board of Trustees Self-Assessment
2.4  Presidential Evaluation
2.5  Guidelines for Board Conduct: Standards of Good Practice
2.6  Board of Trustees Emeritus
2.7  Investment of Funds
2.8   Board of Trustees Conflict of Interest

Academic Affairs

3.1  Awarding of the Honorary Associate Degree
3.2  Academic Renewal
3.3  Student Academic Code of Ethics
3.4  Academic Readiness
3.5   Comprehensive Grading (Student Assessment)
3.6  Grade Appeal
3.7   Student Withdrawal for Military Deployment or Reassignment
3.8  Academic Program Advisory Committee
3.9  Academic Progression
3.10 Credit Hour

Student Affairs

4.1   Student Code of Conduct
4.2  Student Government Association Constitution
4.3  Services for Students with Disabilities
4.4  Student, Employee, Patient Occupational Exposure Plan
Attachment A (PDF) 
4.5 The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Request to Suppress/Withhold Public Information Form
Student Information Release Authorization Form
4.6  Student Fundraising and Solicitation
4.7  Admissions
4.8  Transfer of Credit


5.1   Use of College Facilities
5.2  Naming of College Facilities
5.3  Clean Air Zone
5.4  Posting
5.5  Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention
5.6  Acceptable Use of Technology
5.7  Maintenance of Police Academy Firearms
5.8  Procurement Policies
5.9  State of Relationship with Foundation
5.10 Invention and Patent
5.11  Copyright Ownership
5.12 Records and Retention
Records and Retention Schedule
5.13  Travel and Business Expenses
5.14  Right-to-Know
5.15  Institutional Review Board
5.16  Red Flag
5.17  IT Security
5.18  Tuition Refund
5.19  Emergency Notification
5.20 Timely Warnings                                                                                                  

5.21  Weapons on Campus

Human Resources

6.1    Faculty Emeritus Status
6.2  Retired Faculty and Administrators and Teaching
6.3  EEO and Diversity
6.4  Non-Discrimination
6.5  Equal Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities
and Grievance Procedure
6.6  Veterans
6.7  Educational Assistance
6.8  Progressive Discipline–Faculty
6.9   Compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
6.10  Pre-Employment Background Checks
6.11  Whistleblower
6.12  Megan's Law Notification
6.13  Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
6.14  Sexual Harassment
6.15  Anti-Nepotism
6.16  Employee Conflict of Interest
6.17  Policy on Sexual Misconduct
6.18  Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting
6.19 Pre-Employment Drug Testing