Board of Trustee Policy: 4.7

Date: April 2017

Supersedes: April 2010


The College provides accessible and affordable educational opportunities to all who apply. The Admissions Policy is intended to support the success of applicants as they enroll at the College.


Admission to Montgomery County Community College is open to the following individuals.

  • All high school graduates, General Equivalency/Commonwealth Diploma recipients, and transfer applicants from another College or University.
  • Any person who is a non-high school graduate and approved for enrollment in the Early Admissions program.
  • Any non-high school graduate and non-General Equivalency recipient over the age of 18.

Montgomery County Community College has a strong institutional commitment to diversity and is committed to assuring equal opportunity to all persons as articulated in the EEO and Diversity Policy.


The College requires prospective students to submit an application for admission. Certain programs have additional criteria and requirements. Prospective students must reference the College’s website for the current admissions procedures and requirements.
Once published on the College website, any subsequent changes to College or program admissions criteria must be presented through the governance process relative to the proposed updates.