Mission and Goals

Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Policy Development

Number: 1.3

Date: April 2014

Supersedes: n/a


The purpose of this policy is to provide clear and standardized guidelines for the development of policies at Montgomery County Community College.


Representatives of the College who are responsible for the development of policies are required to follow the standardized guidelines.

Policies must

  • Support the mission, philosophy and goals of the College
  • Consider the effect on students
  • Consider the effect on administrators, faculty and staff
  • Comply with relevant legislation and accreditation/external agencies
  • Consider strategic implications as well as risk
  • Align with other College policies
  • Be feasible to implement and maintain


The need for policies may be identified by one or multiple areas of the College. Review of policy proposals should be performed by representatives of all appropriate stakeholders. Approval of policies should move through the appropriate College governance committees.


A policy is defined as a concise, formal and mandatory statement of principle which provides a framework for decision-making and a means by which the College reduces institutional risk. Policies support the College’s mission and values for the foreseeable future and should therefore change infrequently. A policy is a written statement which outlines the College’s position on a specific subject matter. A policy provides guidance and direction in decision-making. A policy has final approval by the Board of Trustees.


  • A Board of Trustee Policy Review/Change/New Policy Form must be completed.
  • A standard template for all policies will be used.
  • Templates are to include the following:  Title, date initiated or updated, statement of purpose, policy, definitions (if applicable), audience, relevant legislation, related documents (if applicable), procedures and last date of review.
  • Ownership to an individual or group of individuals should be assigned. A primary vice president owner is identified for each policy.
  • Training needs should be assessed for implementation of the policy.  
  • The policy will be guided, through the appropriate College governance committees and processes.
  • Final approval of policies resides with the College's Board of Trustees.
  • The policy must be published and notification to stakeholders, by the Vice President, is to take place within 14 days of approval by the Board of Trustees.
  • The policy is to be implemented by the Vice President who "owns" the policy or a designee of the President.
  • A review process for policies should take place every five years or as required by changes in regulation or law.