Policy Development

Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Policy Development

Number: 1.3

Date: March 2024

SupersedesJune 2022, April 2014


Provide clear and standardized guidelines for the development of new policies and to articulate the review process for current policies at Montgomery County Community College.


A policy is defined as a concise, formal, and mandatory statement of principle which provides a framework for decision-making and a means by which the College mitigates institutional risk. Policies support the College’s mission and values for the foreseeable future and should therefore change infrequently. A policy is a written statement which outlines the College’s position on a specific subject matter and provides guidance and direction in decision-making. All policies are reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees. 

Policies are required to follow the standardized guidelines: 

  • Support the mission, goals, and values statement of the College
  • Consider the impact on all students and upon student success
  • Consider the impact on employees and communities we serve
  • Comply with relevant legislation and/or accrediting agencies
  • Mitigate the College's risk 
  • Improve effectiveness of education and/or operations
  • Align with current College policies or procedures
  • Provide guidance or direction in decision making
  • Consider associated investment to support implementation

Development of New Policies

For development of a new policy, representatives of the College will work with the Chief of Staff to complete the New Policy Request Form and review the process for presentation of the proposed policy to the Board of Trustees. 

Review of Current Policies

Current policies should be systematically reviewed every five (5) years or more frequently as required by changes in statues, regulation, or practice. The review cycle for policies is tracked by the Office of the President and managed by the Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff will updated the President's Senior Leadership Team, prior to the start of the new Board meeting cycle, of policies that are due for review in the up-coming academic year. (This update will be provided at a Cabinet meeting in August). 

Policy revisions are identified as either substantive or non-substantive as a part of the review process. Substantive revisions require the policy to be presented to the Board, and include recommended changes made to process or procedures or the individuals impacted by the policy.
Non-substantive revisions do not require Board approval as these revisions focus on corrections to campus or building names, updates to phone numbers or e-mail addresses, or updates to the name of the position(s) or department overseeing the procedures within the policy. 

The Policy Review Form also needs to be completed and submitted to the Office of the President as part of the 5-year review process and/or for any changes prior to the 5-year review cycle for both substantive and non-substantive changes or policies that require no revisions. 

Individuals with questions regarding policy development or the review process for current policies should contact the Chief of Staff.