Board Operations

Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Board of Trustees Self-Assessment

Number: 2.3

Date: June 2012

Supersedes: May 2002


Effective Boards of Trustees engage in a regular process of self-assessment of their performance. This willingness to engage in this type of self-assessment serves as a model for all units of the College. Engagement in the process of self-assessment demonstrates that Trustees are strongly committed to fulfilling their governance responsibilities. In addition, discussion that emerges from the self-assessment about Board roles and responsibilities strengthens communication and understanding among individual Trustees and improves the effectiveness of the Board as a whole.


It shall be the Board’s responsibility, through the work of the Personnel Committee, to ensure that it engages in a regular process of self-study. The Personnel Committee, with the support of the President, will organize and conduct the process. The results should be used to identify where the Board is performing well and where it might improve. Because the effectiveness of the Board and the effectiveness of the CEO are so closely tied, the Board and Presidential evaluation processes will run in tandem if possible.


At the heart of the process shall be a rating instrument to measure Board performance in the following areas (as recommended by ACCT).

  • Board Organization
  • Policy Governance
  • Board-CEO Relations
  • College Operations
  • Institutional Performance
  • Board Leadership
  • Advocacy

The Personnel Committee will work to develop the rating tool and will collect, synthesize and report on results on an annual basis, to the full Board, no later than the September meeting.