Mission and Vision

Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Mission and Vision

Number: 1.1

Date: September 2019

Supersedes: October 2017, February 2012, July 2007, February 2004


Serve the educational, workforce, and cultural needs of our students and County communities by creating innovative, sustainable, meaningful learning experiences and programs that afford access to and drive success of our students both at the College and beyond their experiences here.

Evaluation of Mission Achievement

The College views education as a dynamic process that brings to the community a diverse, constantly changing set of learning opportunities; opportunities that grow, change, transform and multiply as the community and our learners confront and react to ever present change. Thus, to fully meet our mission, the College participates in on-going self-assessment and review in order to enhance and improve instructional programs and services to students and the county we serve.


Montgomery County Community College will be highly valued as a key community partner that further advances the growth of a vibrant, increasingly diverse Montgomery County. Montgomery County Community College will be viewed as the region’s hub for serving students and our communities with meaningful educational experiences, workforce solutions, and cultural opportunities.