Board Operations

Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Board of Trustees Conflict of Interest

Number: 2.8

Date: April 2010

Supersedes: N/A


The Board of Trustees of Montgomery County Community College is committed to the principles of integrity, good faith and fair dealing, and professional accountability in all its dealings on behalf of the College.

Accordingly, the purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to members of this Board with respect to any conflict of interest experienced by the totality of any outside interests, concerns and relationships held by any individual member.


A conflict of interest may exist whenever the outside interests, concerns or relationships held by a member of the Board of Trustees, compromises, or appears to compromise, that member’s fiduciary duty to the College.

In the course of doing College business, actual and potential conflicts of interest on the part of an individual Board member’s outside interests, concerns and relationships, must be disclosed to the Board as a whole.

This disclosure of outside interests, concerns and relationships should be updated annually by each member of the Board of Trustees.

When a potential conflict of interest, previously disclosed, is subsequently relevant to a matter immediately before the Board, it is expected that the Board member bring it again to the attention of the Board as a whole.


Members of the Board of Trustees will disclose any potential conflict of interests through the completion and submission of a written questionnaire on an annual basis.