Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Board of Trustees Policies: 6.19

Date: May 2020

Supersedes: March 2012


To strive to ensure a safe and drug free workplace for all employees and for anyone utilizing the services of Montgomery County Community College, in any capacity.


It is the policy of the College to require all prospective employees of the Children’s Center, Facilities & Maintenance, Campus Safety, Construction, and certain positions in specific departments, such as Athletics and Student Activities, to submit to a pre-employment drug screening test, as arranged by the College, effective September, 2012.

The drug screening test, as arranged by the College, will use urinalysis and will analyze specimens for the following controlled substances: Marijuana, Cocaine, Phencyclidine (PCP), Amphetamines and Opiates. An exception to this would be a current prescription for the current use of any legally prescribed substance.

Any employment offer from the College is contingent upon the confirmation of successful completion of this drug screening test within a 5-business day window. Candidates who refuse to submit to or who fail to appear for a drug test within the 5 business day window will no longer be considered for employment, and any offer of employment will be rescinded.

Any prospective employee with a verified positive test result from the drug screening test will be prohibited from employment with the College for one (1) year thereafter.


All drug screening tests will be administered by the College utilizing the services of an approved vendor.

A positive test result will be determined in accordance with the federal government’s cut-off levels: marijuana (THC), 50 ng/ml; cocaine, 300 ng/ml; amphetamines, 1,000 ng/ml; opiates, 2000 ng/ml; and PCP, 25 ng/ml.

A licensed physician who is also a certified Medical Review Officer ( MRO), will review all test results and contact the individual who tests positive in order to ascertain the validity of any positive result, given that individual’s medical history or other pertinent biomedical information. The substance of this contact and ensuing conversation will be confidential. It will also be up to the MRO to make the final determination of a positive test.

A result is not reported as positive until after the MRO has had the opportunity to review the result with the individual who tested positive.

The cost of this drug screening test and confirmatory test will be the responsibility of the College.

Any individual who has a confirmed positive test result will have the opportunity for a re-test, at the individual’s cost.

In the event of a re-test that yields a negative result, the College’s offer of employment will not be rescinded.