Board Operations

Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Board of Trustees Emeritus

Number: 2.6

Date: January 2003

Supersedes: N/A


  1. To recognize extraordinary and significant contributions to Montgomery County Community College by the Board of Trustee members.
  2. To offer privileges to former Board members as a means of keeping them affiliated with the College.


Criteria for Selections

A Trustee who has served a minimum of 12 years (two terms) and who has achieved a record of distinction may be designated by the County Commissioners and/or conferred upon by the Board of Trustees the status of Trustee Emeritus. This status shall be granted for life.

Emeritus Privileges

  1. Recognition by a Commissioner or Board of Trustees resolution of Emeritus status;
  2. Receive notices of all meetings of the Board and invited to attend meetings as a NON-VOTING member of the Board;
  3. The Trustee Emeritus is not counted as a member of the Board because of the non-voting privilege; and
  4. Invitations to College activities and special events.