Awarding of the Honorary Associate Degree

Board of Trustees Policy: 3.1

Date: March 2014

Supersedes: March 2002


The Board of Trustees of Montgomery County Community College authorizes the award of the honorary associate degree, Associate in Letters (A.L.), to outstanding individuals who have demonstrated meritorious service to Montgomery County Community College, to the community, to their profession and/or displayed leadership in civic and cultural affairs. The degree shall be awarded using the following criteria and procedures.


  1. Nominations may come only from members of the Board of Trustees or the President.
  2. Honorary degrees may not be awarded to active Board of Trustee members, administrators or faculty members.
  3. The number of honorary degrees that may be awarded at one time or in one academic year should be strictly limited.
  4. Honorary degrees are generally conferred at Commencement. The Board of Trustees reserves the right, by majority vote, to revoke honorary associate degrees at its sole discretion.

To be eligible for an honorary associate degree, nominees shall meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Made a contribution of significance and value as a distinguished alumnus/alumna
  • Provided significant assistance in supporting a new program, department or segment of the College
  • Made a noteworthy contribution to MCCC students, faculty, to the College in general or the communities served


  1. The Board of Trustee Student Success Committee will receive and review such nominations on behalf of the full Board. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board for consideration.
  2. For awards to be made at Commencement, nominations should be received by the Board of Trustees Student Success Committee for consideration on or before the April meeting and considered for action at the subsequent Board of Trustees meeting.