Board of Trustees Policy: 5.4

Date: June 2022

Supersedes: June, 2015, January 2009, May 2003


The scope of this policy is defined as printed, non-printed, and digital materials including, but not limited to the following: flyers, posters, pictures, table tents, lawn signs, banners, and sidewalk chalking, through these internal channels: designated on-campus locations, Montco Connect, Axis Slides, and internal College-wide emails. 

This policy is applicable to currently enrolled students who are associated with a registered student club or organization, current employees, and College-sponsored community partners. All other audiences are not permitted to post on College channel.

The College’s Acceptable Use of Technology policy governs dissemination of electronic material. (


1.  For the sake of maintaining a sense of community, belonging, and support for all members of the College, all postings are expected to refrain from using racial, gender, or ethnic slurs and stereotypic depiction, or any lewd and or offensive material as defined in the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, 18 Pa. Con. Stat. § 5903 and related provisions, in all materials covered by the purpose of this policy.

2.  Approval of postings will be based on compliance with this policy and individual procedures created by Montgomery County Community College's Marketing Department available on the webpage. 

3.  All student postings must comply with the policies of the College’s Student Code of Conduct.  


“Postings” can include physical or digital advertisements such as flyers, posters, pictures, table tents, lawn signs, banners, sidewalk chalking, multimedia, etc.


1.  Students - Individual students may not post unless associated with a clu or organization. With the approval of the Office of Student Life, registered clubs may post on designated locations. 

Posting content on College platforms must adhere to the guidelines found in the Student Life Handbook. 

2.  Faculty/Staff/Administration - With the approval of their College department and/or office, College employees may post notices on designated bulletin boards, Axis slides, and via email communications to promote College-related initiatives or events. Employees looking for guidance can reference the webpage posting procedures. 

3.  External Community Members -  Members of the external community are not approved to promote their initiatives or events via digital or physical posts unless sponsored by Montgomery County Community College or department within the College. A College contact must be designated to distribute promotion and must follow the necessary posting procedures. 

4.  Posting procedures for any entity include:  

  • Postings must be places only in designated areas and may not be places on walls, buildings, exterior doors, windows, light fixtures, trees, light poles, vehicles, or any non-permanent structure. All designated areas to post can be found at
  • Postings must have the name of the sponsoring organization, or the College department. Contact information for the organizations or individual is encouraged. 
  • Postings must be limited to one posting per designated area. 
  • Postings must be removed from all areas within five (5) business days upon the completion date by the sponsoring organization. The College can remove any postings after the five-day business window. 
  • Physical designated areas have limited posting capacity. Postings are on a first come, first serve basis, up to space limitations.
  • Postings on physical designated areas must be fastened with thumbtacks or a standard desk stapler.
  • Postings may not cover existing postings on physical designated areas.
  • Postings on bulletin boards should not be larger than 14” x 22” unless approved by the office responsible for the specific bulletin board.
  • Postings from external community members may be posted in the designated areas and are subject to the posting procedures above.
  • Sidewalk chalking requests must be approved by the appropriate College department. Requests must include the exact content to be displayed via sidewalk chalk and intended locations.  Only standard sidewalk chalk is permitted.  No spray-based chalk or cornstarch mixtures are permitted. Any approved sidewalk chalking must be drawn in a location where natural elements can wash it away.

The College reserves the right to remove materials that are not posted in accordance with this policy. 

Organizations who violate the provisions of this policy may be denied the opportunity for future postings to be approved. Students who violate this policy will be referred to the student judicial process and may face sanctions as described in the Student Code of Conduct. Employees of the College who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of their employment.