Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Student Fundraising and Solicitation

Number: 4.6

Date: April 2016

Supersedes: N/A


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for student-related fundraising and solicitation activities. Student-related entities include, but are not limited to, student organizations, athletic teams, and academic classes.


All fundraising and solicitation efforts by students must be consistent with the College’s mission and comply with all other College policies. Fundraising activities must not compete with or jeopardize the College’s or the Foundation’s overall fundraising efforts to secure donors for gifts that support endowments, scholarship funds, operational needs and facilities. All monies and donations received must adhere to the College’s or Foundation’s accounting and reporting practices.


Fundraising is the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources from individuals or entities.

Solicitation includes activities that request funds or donations from off-campus businesses, individuals, and organizations. Such requests include pledges, cash, corporate sponsorships, securities, items of property, donated services, gifts-in-kind, and deferred or planned gifts.


Students of the College must have approval prior to conducting fundraising and solicitation activities, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Fundraising and solicitation activities may only be conducted by recognized student entities such as athletic teams, classes, clubs, and organizations that are in good standing.
  2. All solicitation activities must be approved by the Foundation prior to approval by the area Vice President.
  3. The approval path for athletic teams is first through the Coach, then the Athletic Director, and then the area Vice President. 
  4. The approval path for classes is first through the course instructor, then the Dean, and then the area Vice President.
  5. The approval path for student clubs and organizations is first through the Club Advisor, then the Director for Student Leadership and Involvement, and then the area Vice President.
  6. The Foundation Office will provide the formal acceptance and valuation of any donations and gifts in accordance with the Montgomery County Community College Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy.