Board Operations

Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Presidential Evaluation

Number: 2.4

Date: June 2012

Supersedes: May 2002


Recognizing the importance of ongoing evaluation for the development and retention of exceptional leaders throughout the College and that all employees benefit professionally and personally from constructive reviews of how they exercise their responsibilities and accomplish the strategic goals of the College, the Board of Trustees establishes this policy on presidential evaluation. In doing so, the Board acknowledges the importance of meeting its responsibilities, with the President, for effective College governance and leadership.


  1. The Board, through its Personnel Committee, shall review the President’s performance annually against agreed upon goals established between the Board and the President to advance the College’s strategic and annual planning priorities.
  2. The Board’s Personnel Committee shall take leadership in designing and developing the evaluation tool and process, in collaboration with the Board Chair and the President.
  3. The evaluation process should include the use of an evaluation instrument reviewed and endorsed by the Board of Trustees as well as a Presidential Self-Assessment. From time-to-time, the Personnel Committee, in collaboration with the President, may review and update the instrument and the process.
  4. The evaluation process shall be completed no later than the September following the close of the previous fiscal year.
  5. The survey results will be collected by the Personnel Committee Chair. The Board Chair and the Personnel Committee Chair will synthesize the survey results and discuss them in an Executive Session of the Personnel Committee. The President will be included in these early discussions to verbally present his/her self-assessment.
  6. In an Executive Session of the full Board of Trustees, the Personnel Committee Chair will offer a verbal summary of the highlights of the evaluation results. The Board Chair will offer a report in public session that the review was completed in accordance with Board policy.
  7. This process shall be elaborated upon in a separate procedural statement and periodically revised and brought to the Board for approval. The Board Chair, the Personnel Committee and the President shall participate in this process.