Board Operations

Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Board Duties and Responsibilities

Number: 2.1

Date: May 2017

Supersedes: n/a


The Board of Trustees shall establish the necessary policies for operating Montgomery County Community College and shall have all of the powers, duties, and obligations as specifically set forth in the Community College Act, its amendments and supplements. The Board of Trustee's aim shall be to provide comprehensive educational programs for the citizens of Montgomery County.

Specific Responsibilities

In accordance with the Community College Act, these responsibilities are specifically assigned to the Board of Trustees.

  • to oversee the drafting of the president’s contract by a person designated by the Board of Trustees in consultation with the college’s solicitor;
  • to present the contract to the full Board of Trustees for review and after any revisions to the contract by the Board of Trustees in consultation with the college’s solicitor be presented for approval by the full Board of Trustees;
  • to appoint and fix the salary of the president;
  • to hold, rent, lease, sell, purchase, and improve land, buildings, furnishings, equipment, materials, books, and supplies;
  • to enter into contracts for services required to effectuate the purposes of the community college act;
  • to accept and receive gifts of real and personal property, federal, state, and local monies and grants, and to expend the same;
  • to make policies providing for the admission and expulsion of students, the courses of instruction, the tuition and fees to be charged, and for all matters related to the governing and administration of the college;
  • to submit to the state board of education, for its approval, proposed amendments to the community college plan;
  • to enter into contracts for services to high schools of member districts to provide area vocational technical education services; and
  • to exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as are necessary to carry into effect the purpose of the community college act.

Fiscal Responsibility

Contracts shall be entered into and other acts shall be done by the Board of Trustees of a community college in the name of the community college. The Board of Trustees shall submit an annual budget for consideration and approval by the local sponsor. The Board of Trustees shall supervise the expenditure of appropriations made by the local sponsor and shall conduct the business affairs of the community college in accordance with the rules, regulations, and procedures approved by the local sponsor. All property purchased by or granted to the Board of Trustees of a community college shall be held in the name of a community college on behalf of the local sponsor of the college.

Sponsor Relations

The local sponsor is authorized to enter into a written agreement with the Board of Trustees of the community college for the purpose of providing operating expenses for at least a five-year period, and for capital expenses for such term or period as is necessary for the reduction of capital indebtedness not to exceed thirty years. In no event shall the local sponsor's obligation for the operation and capital expenses of a community college exceed the limit of the local sponsor to levy taxes pursuant to this act or any other act of the General Assembly or its rights to incur or increase its indebtedness under Article IX of the Constitution of Pennsylvania.

Meetings of the Board of Trustees

All meetings of the Board of Trustees will be open to the public, except at those times when the Board meets in executive session. When deemed necessary, the chairperson may call the Board into executive session. Minutes will be taken for all regular, special, and annual meetings of the Board of Trustees. A copy of the minutes will be maintained in the Learning Resource Center, College Hall.