Board of Trustees Policy

Subject: Student Government Association Constitution

Number: 4.2

Date: June 2017

Supersedes: June 2010, June 2003


We, the student body of Montgomery County Community College, deriving our authority from the College Board of Trustees and our governance from this Constitution, do hereby establish the Student Government Association of Montgomery County Community College which shall act on behalf of the student body by providing leadership, guidance, and oversight to students and assuring timely response to issues raised by the student body.

Article I - Name and Membership

The name of this organization shall be the Student Government Association of Montgomery County Community College, (hereinafter referred to as the SGA). All persons enrolled in at least one course for credit are considered members of the student body, and have the right and responsibility to vote in the elections of SGA officers. 

Article II - Purpose and Responsibilities

The primary purpose of this organization is to act as a liaison to the College communityon behalf of the student body. Our responsibility is to listen to and, when appropriate, act upon the suggestions and concerns expressed by the student body, to foster recognition of student rights and the College’s responsibilities to the students, and to act in the students’ best interests when participating in the development of College policies. The SGA strives to demonstrate leadership, honesty, loyalty, and integrity by our actions. More specifically, our responsibilities are to represent the student body on college committees and, when requested, at College events and programs.

The Student Government Association is responsible for distribution of allocated Activity Fee funds to active and approved student clubs and/or programming requests. Funds appropriated by the SGA are received from students attending the College, and this money may be used only for activities open to current students and which benefit campus life at the College. Allocations must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Student Life Handbook, which also addresses the appeals process.

Article III - Structure

SGA is comprised of a Senate and four executive officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The executive officers will have the following roles: President shall oversee SGA, Vice President shall oversee the Senate, Treasurer supports financial aspects of SGA, and Secretary records minutes and handles communications of SGA. Detailed roles and responsibilities of each office are available in the Student Life Handbook. SGA procedures are outlined in the Student Life Handbook, which is reviewed and approved by the Student Life Committee.

Article IV - Elections

Eligible Montgomery County Community College students may run for senatorial or executive office regardless of which campus/location (Central, West, Culinary Arts Institute, or Virtual) they attend. Elections will be held once a year on a date approved by the Student Life Committee.  Election results will be determined by a majority of votes. To ensure fairness and integrity of elections, the Student Life Office shall oversee the election process; full election guidelines, including eligibility requirements, are available in the Student Life Handbook. 

Article V - Inclusive Student Representation

This constitution recognizes the existence and authority of one College-wide Student Government Association. To promote an inclusive environment and ensure all students are fairly represented, SGA senatorial seats will be available to students from all College campuses and locations. SGA will work to advocate for all students and discuss college-wide student issues that impact Central Campus, West Campus, the Culinary Arts Institute, and the Virtual Campus. The Student Life Officeshall assist in ensuring compliance with this objective.


SGA procedures are outlined in the Student Life Handbook, which is reviewed and approved by the Student Life Committee.