General Advising

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When should I see an advisor?

All degree seeking new to Montco students are required to meet with an academic advisor. In your first appointment, the advising team will review your career and educational goals, review accessing your student systems and plan your first semester courses. During your first semester attending classes, you will schedule your second required advising appointment. In this appointment, you and your advisor will discuss course planning for the remainder of your time at Montco and next steps to achieving your goals.

The advising team is also here to support at any time through your educational journey. If you want to discuss changes to your course planner, choosing a class, or transfer options, we recommend you schedule an appointment with your advisor.

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

To schedule an appointment with your advisor, log into Montco Connect. Click on Starfish My Success Network. We recommend you schedule the appointment with your assigned advisor, but if their schedule or availability does not line up, please schedule with another advisor that supports your major.

Schedule an Advising Appointment (

Can my advisor help me decide what to major in or which career might make sense for me?

Yes, your advisor can assist with determining a major with you. We also recommend reviewing your MyCareerPlan for results.

I want to change my current major. What do I need to do?

If you are interested in changing your major, complete the online form. We also recommend scheduling an appointment with the advisor of the major you are looking to switch to. This appointment will give you additional information about the courses you have already completed, the new major, and review course planning for the change of major.

Please keep in mind, there are deadlines for change of major. If the deadline has passed your request will be processed and become effective for the following semester.

I have a hold on my account stating I need to ‘Meet your Advisor!’. What does this mean?

This hold prevents registration and means you are required to meet with your academic advisor. Please schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Schedule an Advising Appointment (

I want to work with a different advisor. What can I do?

We understand that your advisor is a big part of your educational journey. There may times where you have started seeing a new advisor, your current advisor’s schedule does not align with yours or other reasons. Please complete the Change of Advisor Request form for review.


Registration - Add, Drop, or Withdraw

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When can I register for classes?

Click here to access the Registration Calendar.

How do I register for classes?

Pending no holds, you can search the Course Catalog in Self-Service. Once there, you can search a course or add filters for results. When you identify the course, you are looking for, there will be a bar that states ‘View Available Sections’.

How long do I have to add or drop a class?

You may add courses at any time before the first day of classes without penalty. If you add a course after the start of classes, you’ll need to pay a $10 late registration fee.

After the first week of the regularly scheduled fall and spring semesters, you may add a course only with the instructor's written permission.

If you are adding a course in person, and you become a full-time student (with a total of 12 or more credits), you’ll need to see an academic advisor to obtain a signature.

Contact Enrollment Services for add/drop policies for summer, weekend and other non-regularly scheduled semester courses.

Be sure to speak to an advisor if you have any questions about the add/drop procedures.

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a class?

When you drop a class, no grades will be reported for a course. Withdrawing from a class has different implications. A withdrawal is available for a student after the drop period is over. Please review the Impact of Withdrawing and the Tuition Refund Policy for more information.

I’m on the waitlist for a class. What happens next?

If a seat becomes available, you will receive an email from the Registrar’s office. You will have 24hours to enroll in the course or reach out for assistant with being registered in that course. After that timeline, the seat will move to the next qualified individual.

If you have registered for another section of the course that you have waitlisted, you will be required to drop the section that you are currently registered for in order to register for the class that you have waitlisted.

I have a hold on my account preventing registration.

Account holds must be resolved prior to being eligible to register. Once logged into Montco Connect, you will see alerts sharing information about the hold and what department to contact to resolve.



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I plan on transferring to another institution.

We encourage you to speak with your advisor about your future plans. Having this conversation early can assist with the process and make the potential ease to transfer seamless.


Guest Students

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How do I transfer my credits back to my home institution?

To transfer credits back to your home institution, you will want to request your Montco transcripts be sent to that institution after completion of the course. It is best if you send official transcripts directly to the recipient. Click here to order transcripts.

How many credits can I take as a guest student?

Guest students can take up to 18 credits per semester. Please note for Winter Session, students can only take one course.

The course I am interested in has prerequisites. Is there anything additional I need to do as a guest student?

No, as a guest student you do not need to show proof of having met the prerequisites. When registering for classes you are affirming that you have met all prerequisite requirements for the course. You may be required to submit proof that you have the proper prerequisites. Please be sure to review course prerequisites before you register.