Montco For All

Building our future together
The 2023-2027 Strategic Plan was developed through a transparent process, where students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community partners were engaged to outline how the College will continue to best serve its students, employees and communities well into the future in coordination with Montco 2050.

Who We Are

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Mission & Vision

We will be a key regional partner committed to serving the educational, workforce, and cultural needs of our students and communities.

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We will educate to advance equity, opportunity, and social justice in the communities we serve.

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Guided by our values, we - collectively - take action through inquiry, dialogue, policies, and practices to promote equity and belonging FOR ALL.

Ensure Student Learning

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Opportunities to Ensure Student Learning

  • Systematize information flow
    • Streamline internal processes to reduce success and completion barriers.
    • Identify the most effective modes of communication and align learning resources to support.
    • Employ data analytics and technologies to provide consistent student experiences.
  • Provide pathways
    • Ensure students can balance life responsibilities through responsive scheduling and flexible supports.
    • Make early college opportunities available to all high school students.
    • Provide a holistic student experience that connects students to momentum-promoting support systems and learning opportunities.

Sustainable Objectives to Ensure Student Learning

  • Scale support services
    • Monitor information on the academic successes of all students to close achievement gaps.
    • Assess the overall first-year student experience to identify opportunities to better prepare learners to complete their education pathway.
    • Use course analytics to implement course-based initiatives that improve student learning outcomes and course completion rates.
  • Connect college to careers
    • Meet the needs of adult learners by delivering a direct path to meaningful employment and sustainable wage careers.
    • Deliver student experiences that reflect valued workforce activities and prepare students to meet employer demands for skills mastery.
    • Provide workforce development programs leading to work-ready credentials aligned with regional workforce development needs


Enhance Employee Experience

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Opportunities to Enhance Employee Experiences

  • Provide career paths
    • Expand employee competencies and skills across all workforce classifications to support career paths and development.
    • Provide mentoring and professional development opportunities to support employees as they navigate career paths.
    • Align diversity objectives to support and strengthen employee experiences.
  • Build connectivity to the College
    • Enhance and evaluate culture building and engagement opportunities.
    • Develop and share out communications that articulate the Employee Value Proposition and related employer brand elements.
    • Assess employee experiences while seeking to include employees in feedback processes and provide equitable availability of resources.

Sustainable Objectives to Enhance Employee Experiences

  • Position the College to attract and retain qualified employees
    • Enable a culture of leadership and engagement supported through open communication and collaborative problem solving.
    • Implement a training and development strategy to expand professional development opportunities in support of our students, communities, and career path opportunities.
    • Assess and seek input on training topics that are in need and of interest for employees to support students, the community, and career paths.
  • Plan for succession
    • Implement succession planning programs for employee areas.
    • Utilize strategic recruiting and pipeline development programs.
    • Deploy knowledge capture and transfer methods and align to succession planning objectives.

Expand Community Participation

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Opportunities to Expand Community Participation

  • Grow community engagement to promote lifelong learning
    • Establish opportunities with community partners to promote relevant learning and engagement opportunities.
    • Communicate and enable experiences with community partners to build capacities for lifelong learning.
    • Identify and assess ways to meet the learning needs and interests of local communities.
  • Demonstrate the College’s value to the community
    • Promote participation in community organizations that enhance and sustain the region.
    • Establish robust channels for community input, feedback, and engagement.
    • Strengthen relationships with educational partners to communicate the value of starting the college journey at Montco.

Sustainable Objectives to Expand Community Participation

  • Expand workforce development relationships
    • Secure relationships that support the region’s workforce and economic development environment.
    • Deliver training programs and career pathways responsive to the needs of employers and participants.
    • Provide community-centered networks to ensure students and Alumni can connect to professional opportunities in diverse career fields.
  • Identify resource partners to sustain the College’s work
    • Prioritize partnerships that promote student learning or employee advancement opportunities that contribute to regional economic advancement.
    • Strengthen existing relationships that build upon shared objectives and values to achieve common community goals.
    • Utilize effective communication channels across college and community constituencies.